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<         This BEFORE picture of this kitchen had many areas that were virtually unusable.



 By replacing the cabinets you can see in the picture AFTER picture BELOW, inaccessible areas became usable and within easy reach. The sofet above the old cabinets was removed to utilize increased cabinet space. Corner cabinets and lazy susans in upper cabinets and swing outs in lower cabinets all take advantage of dead space in far corners.




Swing outs in bottom cabinets to use dead space deep in the corners and easy to reach.



Over-sized drawers under a new cook top puts pots and pans organinzed and at your fingertips.



'Before' on Left below: Small countertop that ended up being a catch-all for junk.

'After' on Right below:  A partial wall taken out to create new counter space, added bar stools and a breakfast counter is born.  The pantry was pushed down a little and reorganized for much more storing space.  




The newly organized pantry below is the same size as the old one but the adjustable shelving makes extra storage space to fit your individual needs.



When you don't want office space in the kitchen, just a drawer will give you needed items like a stamp, screwdriver, keys or tape at glance. The junk drawer with 'purpose'!


These pullouts below make easy access to bulky kitchen items. 

OR.... you could use dedicated pull out for the things you want to 'drop' when you come in the door to hide all the 'stuff' that ends up on the counter.




The possibilities for your new kitchen are endless.



This small kitchen went from very dark out-dated damaged cabinetry to light  and airy with added space built into the new cabinets.   






There are many choice combinations when you choose
your wood and stain to suite your style.

    Spice cabinets pull out for conveince



Hidden spice racks built  in with ultimate convenience for the savvy cook.





Custom pull-out pantry and shelving
created extra space from an area where there was a small upper cabinet and wasted countertop that became an unsightly catch-all.



Here extra storage was using existing space.

This space was converted from a table jutting out from the wall into more useable counter-top space, extra seating on the opposite side creating a breakfast bar and more storage below.
A very small kitchen
maximized with








Choose a different style plus the color of your choice, and your old kitchen is new again!  



This kitchen below was an updated older farm house.
It now compares to the newly built homes of today with the beautiful crown
molding on top.
Beside the stove is a long deep cabinet to house baking sheet pans.

A handy special drop-out drawer to hold

cleaning sponges & brushes out of sight.

Slide out shelving below makes organization easy.
 A durable Blind-Corner Pullout maximizes this corner cabinet's hidden space making it 100% accessible.
More organization with pull-out shelving.
Make shopping easier by knowing exactly what you have on hand!
Below is a must with the double waste bin that slides in/out with the slightest touch.
Use both for trash or one for trash & one for recyclables.
Every space is within reach. Heavy dishes are now easy to get to and easy to put away.
No crawling into the cabinet to get what you want!


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